The Adventures of Darius Logan, Book One: SUPER JUSTICE FORCE


SJF final cover Nov 2013The debut Young Adult novel from BadAzz MoFo creator David F. Walker. Darius Logan is an orphaned teenager in serious trouble. Facing time in prison, he instead enters Second Chance, a rehabilitation program for ex-criminals operated by Super Justice Force, the world’s greatest team of superheroes. Working side-by-side with reformed supercriminals—and the superheroes he idolized as a child—Darius creates a new life for himself. But when the forces of evil threaten to destroy everything around him, can a kid with no superpowers do anything to save the day? A refreshing new take on superhero mythology, The Adventures of Darius Logan, Book One: Super Justice Force is the two-fisted tale of an ordinary young man’s coming-of-age in an extraordinary world of professional do-gooders and sinister villains. FREE shipping and handling in the United States*.

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Also available on Amazon and Kindle.

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