BadAzz MoFo started out as tiny ‘zine written, edited, designed and published by me, David Walker. That was back in 1996, and since then BAMF has managed to stay alive, despite the best efforts of nefarious nay-sayers. Over the years, BadAzz MoFo earned an international reputation for its pop culture commentary and political insight, as well as the ultimate resource guide for blaxploitation. This website is a continuation of the BAMF legacy, where you will hind a seemingly random mix of reviews (both new and old), nonsensical ramblings, and whatever else suits my fancy.

For those of you wondering about me specifically, in addition to creating this pop culture phenomenon, I have also worked in film (check out my IMDB page for more information), comics, and Young Adult literature. My work in comics includes the Dark Horse mini series Number 13, and the Monkeybrain mini series The Army of Dr. Moreau. My debut YA novel is Super Justice Force.

Reach me by email at dfwalker68@gmail.com.

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