Give the Gift of David F. Walker

Looking for the perfect gift for someone this holiday season? Maybe someone who loves comic books and graphic novels? Perhaps someone who loves blaxploitation? Perhaps someone who is easily offended, and you want to piss them off in some capacity? Well, let me suggest giving the gift of David F. Walker (that’s me). Okay, so I don’t mean literally give me as a gift, because…well…that’s like slavery, and I’m not down with shit like that. But please consider giving the gift of my work to your friends and family this holiday season. Here’s a list of what you can currently purchase (all from Amazon).

POWER MAN & IRON FIST: THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN – If you loved the Luke Cage series on Netflix, check out this comic (Power Man and Luke Cage are the same person). Named one of the best comics of 2016.

SHAFT: A COMPLICATED MAN – The graphic novel debut of Ernest Tidyman’s classic detective, John Shaft. Written by me. Consistently named as one of the best comic series of 2015.

SHAFT’S REVENGE – The first new Shaft prose novel in over 40 years, and I wrote it. Lots of sex and violence, and Shaft being a badass.

SUPER JUSTICE FORCE – My debut Young Adult novel. That’s right…a novel. No pictures, just words. You will love it.

THE BADAZZ MOFO COLLECTION – It all started with my self-published ‘zine. The writing ain’t that good. But at the same time this is collection is awesome. Tons of my old writing. Lots of film reviews. And if you love blaxploitation, you gotta own this.

BECOMING BLACK – A collection of my essays on race, racism, and popular culture. Perfect for the “intellectual” on your shopping list.

NIGHTHAWK: HATE MAKES HATE – Technically, this one doesn’t come out until after the holidays, but get it anyway. It is the most hard-hitting, politically provocative Comics of 2016. Named one of the Ten Best Superhero Comics of the Year by The Washington Post.

THE ARMY OF DR. MOREAU – No one ever buys this book. It is sad and lonely, sitting in some warehouse, waiting to be read. I’m proud of my writing.

CYBORG: UNPLUGGED – Lots of cybernetic action, starring the popular hero from Teen Titans and Justice League.

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