How to Buy My Comic Books (and Comics in General)

docsavageA lot of my friends and family members have asked me when and where they can buy the upcoming Shaft comic series, as well as the Doc Savage Special, starring Pat Savage (both written by me). Since these are people who do not normally buy comics, I need to explain a few things to them. The most important thing is that they understand that when Shaft #1 comes out on December 3rd, and the Doc Savage Special comes out on December 17th, there is no guarantee they can just walk into a comic book store and buy a copy of either. That’s because the comic retail market is unique in how it operates. Basically, the comic retail market operates on a system that requires you pre-order your comics approximately two months in advance. The amazing writer Kelly-Sue DeConnick explains this system quite well HERE, and the video below also explains it.

If you want Shaft or the Doc Savage Special (both from Dynamite Entertainment), you have several options open to you.

SHAFT order form colorYou can pre-order from a local comic book retailer. If you don’t know where the closest retailer is to you, check out the website Comic Shop Locator. The retailer you go to will need the order codes of the comics you want. Since Shaft #1 has variant covers, there are multiple order codes (one for each different cover). You can print out the image above, and take it to your local retailer.

Some retailers will not order a single comic for you if you don’t sign up for a subscription service. In that case, you can always order from an online retailer like Things From Another World (though you will still need to pre-order). There are other online retailers, but TFAW is the only one I have used.

You can also purchase digital versions of both comics. Dynamite sells digital versions of all their titles on Comixology, as well as at the Dark Horse Digital Store. Digital stores do not require pre-orders (though you do have to create an account).

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