TRUTH REVEALED: The BadAzz MoFo Collection

Best of BAMF cover 9 low resA few days ago I posted about something I’m calling The BadAzz MoFo Collection. In theory, if this were to exist, it would collect material from BadAzz MoFo #4, 5, 6, and 7. These are the only issues that have digital files (or at least some digital files). So, here’s the deal…the collection does exist. I spent the better part of the last week putting it together, which was more difficult than you might imagine. Most of the files for BadAzz MoFo #4 were incomplete, and I had to reassemble over half the issue (to the best of my half-ass ability). I had to replace some images, and do some design adjustments because several fonts were no longer recognized (which threw off the text flow), but other than that, nothing has changed. All the writing exists as it was written. All the typos are still there. All the terrible grammar and punctuation has been kept intact. And the writing, which is questionable at best, remains as profane, politically incorrect, and just plain bad as it was when it was written more than a decade ago. The BadAzz MoFo Collection clocks in at over 180 pages. It features more than 150 film reviews (blaxploitation, Injunsploitation, spaghetti western, and more). And there are some great interviews. The book will be available as a downloadable PDF, as well as a print on demand book. It will be go on sale within the next week or two.

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