Casting Outside the Box (a.k.a. I’d Rather Have Jean Claude Van Damme Play Luke Cage Over Tyler Perry Any Day)

jcvd cage tylerWell, it seems plenty of people are upset about my last two posts regarding Micheal B. Jordan being cast as Human Torch in the reboot of Fantastic Four. Most of irrate folks are comic books fans, bemoaning the fact that Johnny Storm is not Black, and that this is like casting a white actor as Black Panther or Luke Cage. “How would you feel if a White Actor played Luke Cage?” Well, if we’re going to be honest, it might bother me…unless it was the right White guy. My choice for a White Luke Cage would have to be actor Richard Tyson, circa 1988.

richard-tysonBest remembered for his role as Buddy Revell in 3 O’Clock High, I think he would’ve made a good Luke Cage. But to be really honest, if we are going to change anything about Luke Cage, I’d prefer to change his gender. I’d love to see Luke Cage become Lucy Cage, and have her played by Kerry Washington.

Kerry_Washington-ScandalLikewise, I’d like to see Gina Carano play Iron Fist.

gina-caranoI would love to see the Blade franchise relaunched, and my top choice for playing the iconic vampire hunter would be none other than Donnie Yen.

ip-man-donnie-yenMy top choice for recasting Magneto would have to be Edward James Olmos.edward_james_olmosOf course, all of these choices are pure fantasy, and highly unlikely, but all are capable of working within the proper context. “Proper context” in this case meaning a great script. So, would it bother me if a White actor were cast as Luke Cage? Yes, it would. But not as much as if Chris Tucker, Tyrese Gibson, Tyler Perry were cast as Luke Cage, just because they’re Black. I’d rather see Jean Claude Van Damme, as he is right now (with that weird lump on his forehead), as Luke Cage than Tyler Perry any day. And if the script were great, the performance even better, and the movie beyond reproach, I’d sit back and enjoy the Muscles from Brussels exclaim, “Sweet Christmas!” As I write this, Kiev is burning. Parts of Venezuela are burning. Don’t we have more important things to think about than if a Black actor plays a White character?

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