moreau coversThe first issue of my new comic book mini-series, The Army of Dr. Moreau, is now out. AoDM is a digital series published by Monkeybrain Comics, which means you can only read it on your computer, smart phone, tablet, or other futuristic device that we only dreamed of when I was a kid. In fact, it was when I was a kid—back in the olden days when you had to get up and walk across the room to manually change the channel on the television—that I originally fell in love with H.G. Wells’s book The Island of Dr. Moreau. In 1977, American International Pictures released a film adaptation, which itself was turned into a comic by Marvel. Both only served to feed my love of Dr. Moreau and his Beast-Folk.

moreau covers 2The Army of Dr. Moreau was inspired by my love of the original book by Wells, the 1977 film, and the 1932 film adaptation Island of Lost Souls (I was not, however, inspired by the 1996 movie version, which was garbage). Set at the beginning of World War II, The Army of Dr. Moreau is built around the premise that H.G. Wells’s book was inspired by a true story recounted to him by the sole witness to the horrific experiments of a scientist named Meraux. Nazi scientists are determined to recreate the sinister experiments of Meraux, which can transform animals into quasi-human creatures. A team of British and American operatives sets out to stop the Nazis, only to discover that the Germans are already locked in a deadly battle with something not quite human.ADM_#1_Page_1_Blues_Sm

Original art by Carl Sciacchitano for The Army of Dr. Moreau #1.

This project is very near and dear to my heart. It has been something in development for a long time, and I believe it really reflects much of my childhood love, not just for The Island of Dr. Moreau, but for classic science fiction, horror, comic books, and even much less obvious influences like Abbott and Costello movies. This is my best work as a comic writer to date, and a project I’m really proud to see finally come to fruition. The Army of Dr. Moreau is a seven-issue mini-series, and each issue only costs 99 cents (don’t forget, this is a digital comic, not a physical, printed book). You can purchase issues through Comixology.

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