Mistaking Dumb Donald for Mushmouth (or All Black People Do NOT Look Alike)

dumbdonald and mushmouthI get offended whenever people confuse Dumb Donald with Mushmouth. People will see a picture of Dumb Donald (or in my case, they’ll see my tattoo of Dumb Donald), and then start talking like Mushmouth, the implication being that they are one and the same. They are not. Dumb Donald is Dumb Donald. He has a baby sister, and we can assume, some sort of horrible disfiguring of the face that requires him to keep it covered by a mask. Mushmouth is Mushmouth, and he has a speech impediment that should not be mocked. And when I point out to people, “Yeah, actually, you’re imitating Mushmouth, and my tattoo is of Dumb Donald,” they actually try to dismiss their mistake by either questioning me–like I don’t know who is tattooed on my arm–or by implying that mistaking the two is no big deal. Well, it is a big deal, which is why, after years of enduring people thinking Dumb Donald is Mushmouth, I’m setting the record straight…no, all black people do NOT look alike.

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