logansrun 1 White One Hundred: 100 Great Films Starring Only White People, #8 — Logan’s Run—Okay, I can see two main reasons people might have a problem with Logan’s Run being included in this list of great movies that feature only white actors. First, would be the fact that Logan’s Run is not a great film. Some might even argue it isn’t even a good film. I won’t dispute either claims, and will go so far as to admit that the inclusion of Logan’s Run on any list of truly quality cinema is suspect. Okay. Fine. Second, some people might take issue with including Logan’s Run on this list because it features Roscoe Lee Browne in a supporting role. Unfortunately, using the voice of a Black actor, while his body is wrapped in tin foil, does not count as having an actor of color in a movie, which places Logan’s Run on the list.

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Roscoe Lee Browne dressed as a 20th century TV dinner in the 23rd century

Aside from Roscoe Lee Browne, made up to look like a robotic television dinner (at least what TV dinners looked like when I was a kid), there is not a single person of color in this dystopian tale set in the 23rd century. Even as a kid, this bothered me, and I’ll tell you why…SPOILER ALERT…When Logan and Jessica escape the domed city, they make their way, on foot, to what remains of Washington D.C. This means that Logan’s Run takes place within walking distance of what was Washington D.C.—a Chocolate City if there ever was one—and yet there ain’t a single person with dark skin in the entire movie. It’s bad enough that the future D.C. metro area is populated primarily with people who all speak with a British accent, all of them are white. This sends a message to audiences that there is no place for diversity in the future (unless someone is wrapped in aluminum foil).

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