2012 in Review (or, Shit I Got Done While You Were Doing Nothing, Even Though I Didn’t Always Get Paid For Doing It)

The inevitability of looking back at the year gone by is a trap many of us fall into, and in falling, we often become obsessed with everything that went wrong. We become haunted by the resolutions we didn’t maintain, the projects we didn’t complete, and all the perceived shortcomings we use as ammunition in our own personal character assassinations. Rather than getting caught up in this net of negative self-loathing, where all I see are those elusive things I didn’t do, I’ve decided to look back on 2012 with both eyes firmly locked on what I did accomplish.

First, there is my status as a college student. I went back to school in late 2010, and this year saw me enter into my senior year. I’ve been going half time and three-quarter time, while maintaining a GPA that has never gone lower than 3.85. This past year I directed a short film, The Day They Ran Out of Bullets, which has already enjoyed several raucous screenings, and will hopefully screen at more festivals in 2013 (watch the trailer HERE). While it shouldn’t matter, I’d like to mention that I didn’t get paid to direct this short. I bring this up, because I want people to know that I took time out of my school and work schedule to do something creative because I had something creative I wanted to do—not because I wanted to get paid. Speaking of not getting paid, I also wrote and published BadAzz MoFo’s Book of SPAGHETTI WESTERNS, an electronic book that collects both old and new reviews I’ve penned on Eurowesterns. Click HERE to purchase BadAzz MoFo’s Book of SPAGHETTI WESTERNS. This year also saw the release of my first major work in comic books, NUMBER 13, which I co-wrote with Robert Love (click HERE to see a preview). As of this writing, there are two more issues of NUMBER 13 yet to be released (one in January and the other February). I also wrote three short films that were produced for AMC’s Fear Fest, which were viewed by more people than any other film project I’ve written. To view the Fear Fest shorts, just go to my Film Projects page and scroll down. And lastly, but not leastly, there’s all the stuff I’ve written for MSN Movies.

So, just to recap—I’ve directed one short film, written three short films that aired nationally, co-written a comic book mini-series published by Dark Horse Comic, written and published an electronic book on spaghetti westerns, written for MSN Movies, all of which was done while going to school. My goal for 2013 is to match this level of creative output (while finishing up school), and actually surpass it. Don’t be surprised or disappointed if you see fewer posts by me. Just know that I’m hard at work and takin’ care of business.

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