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It should come as no great surprise that there is no character named Django in A Few Dollars for Django, which is just one of the many problems with this in-name-only sequel that typifies much of what’s wrong with most of the various films with the name Django in the title. This particular film stars Anthony Steffen (Django the Bastard) as a bounty hunter named Reagan, who is looking for a man that was part of a gang of outlaws. His hunt takes him to Montana, where men are men and sheep are afraid…oops…I mean where his prey is hiding. Only Django’s prey, or rather Reagan’s prey, might not be his prey, but rather an identical twin. All of this is going on during the middle of a land war between ranchers and farmers, with the outlaw/twin brother caught in the middle. Django/Reagan, falls for the niece of the man he is hunting; but she may actually be his daughter, if he is not really his twin brother, but rather himself. Confused? Try watching this crap in fast-forward, which is the only way to avoid being bored to death, because as nonsensical as this movie may be, it also moves at a deathly slow pace. Really, don’t even bother watching this boring mess—it has little appeal, and even less quality violence. A Few Dollars for Django isn’t even worth a few pennies.

Originality was never one of the stronger points of the spaghetti western genre. In fact, there’s only about three plots in the whole genre—nine if you use various combinations of the initial three. The better films in the genre used creativity to make the worn out stories seem new and exciting. When there was no creativity involved, you were stuck with crap like Django Kills Silenty—just another lame variation on the MSSVF (Mysterious Stranger Seeking Vengeance Film)—which finds George Eastman as the Django-ish gunslinger going against a murderous gang. Eastman (a.k.a. Luigi Montefiori) was a popular leading man, and starred in more than a dozen spaghetti westerns, including Django Shoots First, Django the Last Killer, and Viva Django. Also released as Django Kills Softly, this is one of the most boring, and technically inept films I’ve ever endured. In fact, Django Bores Mercilesslyis a more appropriate title.

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