Confessions of Failed Comic Book Artist, Part 2 (a.k.a. My Wolverine Comics)

I started reading Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men in 1980 during the whole Dark Phoenix saga. This was right around the time I decided that I wanted to be a comic book artist/writer. By the summer of 1981, I had started trying to create my own comic books—most notably being my failed attempt to adapt the film Escape from New York into a comic. That same summer I wrote and drew my first comic starring Wolverine of the X-Men. This was the first comic that I would complete (and it was the only). Later, I would take to more stabs at a Wolverine comic. Below you will find all of my Wolverine comics, with commentary.

Here is the cover of first issue of Solo Comics starring Wolverine. I’m almost positive this was done in the summer of 1981, as I seem to recall ditching the Escape from New York comic to do this one (though there is a slim chance this was done in the summer of 1982). You’ll notice that Wolverine has four claws instead of three. Talk about the sign of an amateur at work!!! Everyone knows Wolverine only has three claws. Of course, I did manage to get it correct in the story itself.

This first page of actual story and art refers to the character Sasquatch of Alpha Flight, who had appeared in issues of X-Men in the late 1970s and early 80s (by the time I did this comic, I’d collected a bunch of back issues). For some reason I felt it was important to point out that this story was not about the character Sasquatch.

Don’t ask me how or why Wolverine’s clothes got torn off. Maybe I was alluding to the fact that he’d been sodomized. I honestly don’t know.

Not much to point out on this page…other than it is pretty bad. But hey, did I mention I was only twelve years old when I did this?

All I can say about this page is, “Wow.”

I’d like to point out that the second panel has the wrong “to” – it should be “too.” But I did use the proper “you’re,” so give me some credit. And Wolverine only has three claws.

Once again, Wolverine has lost his clothes. I really don’t know why I did this a second time. Best part of this page? Take a look at the last panel, and you’ll see the Bigfoot creature hiding behind a tree. I may have been lacking in talent, but I understood building tension.

And again, let me point out my proper spelling of “you’re.”

This is a beautifully laid out page—even though the art itself sucks. Now, it is on to the other Wolverine comics—the ones I never finished.

This is that remains of a comic that was supposed be Wolverine battling Kraven the Hunter. It never got beyond this half page. But how awesome would that have been? I suspect I abandoned that story for the one that follows (maybe because Kraven was too hard to draw?). And what is a “prolugue’?

The first page of this story makes me wonder, “What the hell was wrong with you?” Although I must say it is clever the way this page leads into the next page. And again, what exactly is a “prolugue”?

I have no idea where I came up with the name “Targo Comics.” Seriously, no recollection at all. However, the I suspect that this comic was done some time in 1982 or 1983, after that first Wolverine comic by Claremont and Miller. I say this because my logo looks like I was trying to copy what they used for that solo mini-series.

What can I say? This page is pure awesomeness. Did I mention that I created the character Gutter? See, he’ll gut you, hence the name the Gutter.

I’m not sure if there is a missing page or not. Sadly, this was as far as the story goes. Making comics ain’t easy. But, please notice, I used “you’re” properly.

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