BAMF’s Movie Poster Hall of Fame – SUPER FUZZ

Sergio Corbucci directed some of the greatest spaghetti westerns of all time—some of which have posters that will eventually be part of the Movie Poster Hall of Fame—but then he also directed some jaw-dropping turkeys. Super Fuzz is one of the latter. An action comedy that is short on both action and comedy, the best thing about this movie is the poster. Seriously, not even Terence Hill, best known for starring in the Trinity films, or Ernest Borgnine, who’s simply badass in general, can make Super Fuzz work as anything more than a silly, kiddy matinee flick. So, while the movie borders on being unwatchable, the poster is something you could stare at for hours—or at least 90 minutes. And if you did that, you’d probably be more entertained than if you simply watched the movie.

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