BAMF’s Movie Poster Hall of Fame – ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK

Many of the movie posters that I’ll be highlighting here are for films of questionable quality (and some just plain suck). But then there’s those that, quite simply, totally kickass. Case in point: John Carpenter’s Escape from New York. As I’ve mentioned, Carpenter’s classic film helped spawn and entire genre of rip-off Italian exploitation films, some of which were really bad (like 1990: The Bronx Warriors), and the rest of which were terrible (like Escape from the Bronx). Here we have the Italian poster for Escape from New York, which is infinitely better than the American version (see below). Don’t get me wrong, I have an original version of the American poster hanging next to me computer. Excuse me for a second…I just had to marvel at its beauty. But compared to this Italian version, it’s just not all that awesome—more like kinda/sorta awesome. It’s made a bit more disappointing when you start to see some of the other posters for this movie, such as the quad poster just below the American version. Still, there’s no such thing as a bad Escape from New York poster, just some that kick ass more completely.

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