BAMF’s Movie Poster Hall of Fame – ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX

And here we have Escape from the Bronx (a.k.a. The Bronx Warriors 2), the sequel to director Enzo G. Castellari’s 1990: The Bronx Warriors. As bad as the first installment of this Italian exploitation rip-off of Escape from New York was, Escape from the Bronx is even worse. But the poster art is amazing, which is all too often the best thing about these low budget grindhouse films from Italy. Here we have three different posters for one movie, and all three kick ass. Above we can see both the version that graced the box for the American home video release (on the left) as well as a French theatrical version. Below we have what I believe is a British poster. I can’t emphasize enough what a terrible movie Escape from the Bronx is, although “unwatchable” and “mind-numbingly boring” seem to really convey the quality of this trash. And speaking of trash, part of what makes this movie so laughably bad is lead actor Mark Gregory, who stars as Trash, the hero of both Bronx films. Rumor has it that Castellari discovered Gregory, working at a gym, or doing his laundry, or some nonsense like that. Gregory is one of the worst actors of all time, and we’ll be seeing more of him in the Movie Poster Hall of Fame.

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