Black Cinema – Thalmus Rasulala

BadAzz MoFo celebrates Black History Month 2012 by focusing on Black Cinema—a look at the films, filmmakers, and actors that have contributed to the black diaspora in film.

With his sophisticated looks and the coolest name in the history of ever, Thamus Rasulala (born Jack Crowder), was a popular character actor during the blaxploitation era. He appeared in quite a few movies, including Blacula, Willie Dynamite, Friday Foster and Bucktown. His most notable role was in Cool Breeze, one of the few films to feature him in the lead. He also appeared on a ton of television shows, including Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone, Roots, and he was part of the original cast of the soap opera One Life to Livestarting in 1968. He also made several memorable appearances on What’s Happenin’? , where he had a recurring role as Mabel King’s ex-husband, and he appeared in a classic skit opposite Richard Pryor on Saturday Night Live. One of Rasulala’s final roles was in New Jack City, released in 1991, the same year he passed away at the age of 51.

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